Whether you are a wireless operator or MVNO; device or infrastructure provider; consumer or enterprise wireless application vendor; website, search engine, portal or content (including geo-data) provider; automotive OEM or aftermarket vendor; venture capitalist or investment bank, wireless applications, including location-based services (LBS) are - or should be - on your mind.

The wireless and LBS app fields are complex and often confusing. Initial results are often disappointing. Changes like Google's and Nokia's free GPS Navigation are disruptive. If you feel you might need an expert guide to define, launch, assist or refine your product, sales, partnerships or marketing strategy and execution, you're not alone.

This is the place to find a knowledgeable guide. A guide who brings years of practical, creative, senior level executive experience to save you time, money and reduce risk. A guide with a network of experts to solve your precise problems and answer your specific questions. A guide who thinks innovatively and "out of the box" to provide uniquely differentiated competitive advantage to your business.

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